Rovi Healthcare – Case Study

Rovi Healthcare has been serving its online audience through Magento 1x platform. While this client initially had an online presence through Magento 1x, the increasing footfall with other operational issues raised the need for improved performance. They were looking for an eCommerce development firm to get an upgraded and modern eCommerce website. Rovi healthcare approached us to reconstruct their eCommerce store to redefine the sales process and improve the customer experience.

Client’s requirements:

  • Build a high-performance, smooth-running online platform for convenient distribution and purchase of products
  • Change the current template with the latest market trends
  • Customization in backend and frontend features
  • Provide a high level of user and system security
  • Reconstruct the already existing eCommerce store to redefine the sales process
  • An upgraded and modern eCommerce website built from Magento 2


Soon after the completion of the initial analysis, our team started working on implementing the required elements to ensure that the online store gets adorned with the features and benefits it needs to earn the loyalty of its target audience.

  • Constant backlog of pending and unattended orders
  • Confusing mobile navigation and irregular responsive web layout
  • Frequent site crash
  • Dual customer identity by email address and mobile number, eventually impacting the brand’s goodwill
  • Loosely defined business logic/workflow


The main focus was commercial user experience – that is, to provide smooth and convenient shopping processes for customers. After so many discussions, our team decided on the deadline along with the estimated cost of the entire project. The team set up a brand new Magento 2 website, considering all the needs and demands. The following phases were done carefully in building an efficient eCommerce website:

  • Template integration and modification
  • Third-party extension installation, configuration, and additional customization
  • Frontend and backend features customization
  • Review reminder
  • Integrated Payment and Shipping Methods
  • Instantsearch+ installation and configuration

Our team fixed all the encountered bugs on the way and underwent multiple testing to ensure smooth working.

We implemented and delivered a high-performance online marketplace, providing a hassle-free, intuitive user experience. Buyers can find exactly what they need in no time using a multi-filtering layered navigation search. Our high-quality code, dedicated efforts, testing at each stage, and the expertise of our development team ensured the building of a robust platform and leads to the successful migration of the website with all the required customization. The client’s sales have tripled since the new design was employed, and the website is now more user-friendly. All leads to an increase in Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, and Annual Revenue.

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