Creating and Optimizing XML Sitemaps in Magento for Better Crawlability


In today’s digital landscape, having a website that ranks high in search engine results is crucial for online businesses. One of the essential factors that can influence your website’s search engine rankings is its crawlability. Crawlability refers to how easy it is for search engine bots to crawl and index your website content. XML sitemaps play a crucial role in improving crawlability, and in this blog, we’ll be discussing how to create and optimize XML sitemaps in Magento to improve your website’s crawlability.

Benefits of XML Sitemaps in Magento SEO

XML sitemaps are an easy-to-understand way of providing search engines with information about your website’s structure and content. They help search engines crawl and index your website more efficiently, leading to better visibility in search engine results. Some of the benefits of using XML sitemaps in Magento SEO are:

  • Improved crawlability and indexability
  • Increased visibility in search engine results
  • Better user experience and website navigation
  • Better tracking of website changes and updates
  • Increased chances of appearing in rich search features

Creating an XML Sitemap in Magento

To create an XML sitemap in Magento, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Magento admin panel.
  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > XML Sitemap.
  • Configure the sitemap generation settings according to your preferences.
  • Save the configuration changes.
  • Generate the XML sitemap by clicking on “Generate Sitemap” in the same section.
  • Your sitemap will be available at

Optimizing Magento XML Sitemaps

To optimize your Magento XML sitemaps for better crawlability, follow these tips:

  • Group your URLs logically and categorically.
  • Keep your sitemap updated with any changes made to your website.
  • Add all the relevant pages and URLs to your sitemap, including categories, products, and CMS pages.
  • Use descriptive and accurate URLs in your sitemap.
  • Keep the size of your sitemap under 50,000 URLs or 50MB, whichever comes first.

Submitting XML Sitemaps to Search Engines

Once you’ve created and optimized your Magento XML sitemap, you need to submit it to search engines to ensure it gets crawled and indexed. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Submit your sitemap to Google by logging into your Google Search Console account and navigating to the “Sitemaps” section.
  • Add your sitemap URL in the “Add a new sitemap” field and click “Submit.”
  • Submit your sitemap to other search engines by following their specific submission guidelines.


Creating and optimizing XML sitemaps in Magento is a simple yet effective way of improving your website’s crawlability and search engine rankings. By following the tips and best practices mentioned in this blog, you can ensure that your Magento store’s XML sitemap is optimized for better crawlability and indexability, leading to increased visibility and better user experience.

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